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As a mobile notary service, Robert Pryor Mobile Notary Public is often asked what's required for something to be notarized. I must first provide this disclosure: as a Notary Public I am considered a Public Official bound by the laws of the State of California.  

Having that established, I will tell you that Robert Pryor Mobile Notary Public serves the greater LA area and is based in Downey, CA.  There is a reasonable fee for my travel time and I allow up to 30 minutes time for notarizing. So what do YOU need to be ready when I arrive?

First, payment is made before I begin.  Then, everyone signing the document to be notarized must be in my presence at the time I notarized the document.  This is very important since each signature must be signed--or acknowledged as their signature--in my presence as the Notary. IDs of each signer must include a photo, an identifying number of some sort and a physical description description. A current California drivers license, ID or valid passport will all work for this.

On my part as Notary, a chronological record of the notarization, including signatures of the signers, must be kept. This journal must be kept in my control and custody as Notary, at all times.  The State of California also requires a thumb print to protect against imposters.

Robert Pryor Mobile Notary Public also must confirm that any signer is not being coerced into signing and is willingly signing.  If a notary wording isn't included in the text of the document, a Notary certificate must be affixed.   There are a couple other steps on my part but this covers what you need to know.

When you need a last minute notary or mobile signing agent, I'm as close as a phone call away. 

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