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If you find yourself in a situation where you need copy services in Downey, CA, call me at Robert Pryor Mobile Notary Public.  I offer mobile copy services and document scanning of legal documents.  Using my services is hassle-free, quick and concise. Robert Pryor Mobile Notary Public also offers E-fax and e-docs sending and receiving.  And I can often provide same day appointments.

Why a mobile copy service?  There are many situations where documents need to be signed and notarized but modern conveniences like office printers and internet connections aren't readily available. 

Let's say you're a contractor working on a home in a remote locale and one of the subcontractors you've hired needs you to sign off on an aspect of the project.  There are millions of dollars involved and the need for certified documents is very important to all parties involved.

Driving to the nearest community might take 20 minutes or longer--each way--and both of you have much better things to do.  One call to Robert Pryor Mobile Notary Public and I'll be there as quickly as I can schedule your appointment.  So you both can go back to work while I make my way to your job site. 

My copy services are also very convenient when dealing with older people who are in facilities where it's difficult to have a will notarized and filed quickly.  Having the ability to copy the document right then and there means there's a physical copy left with the elder person.

When you need certified copying throughout the greater LA and Orange County area, call Robert Pryor Mobile Notary Public for availability and ask about a same day appointment.

Robert Pryor Mobile Notary Public is a traveling mobile office and can wrap up any transaction just about anywhere a cell phone can be used. 

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