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When you need mobile notary in Downey, CA call me, Robert Pryor Mobile Notary Public. Why deal with the inconvenience and time consuming chore of having a document notarized when we come to you with same day appointments?  

I am a state certified Notary and can be available at all times. Robert Pryor Mobile Notary Public services at places of business or home and do provide weekend and evening appointments. If you need Apostilles processing for international documents valid in many foreign countries, I can help.  I also offer mobile copy services and document scanning when needed.

Why use Robert Pryor Mobile Notary Public versus finding a notary at a County building, UPS store or bank?  First is the convenience factor. We live in Los Angeles or Orange County and just getting in the car to travel can be an annoyance beyond description.  I take that arrow for you by driving right to your home or business and generally offer same day appointments.  So you're having a loan package completed by you and your spouse and need it notarized.  By arranging an evening appointment when you're both home, I'll show up, do the notarizing in-house and be on my way in minutes.

Another important reason is that Robert Pryor Mobile Notary Public is bonded and insured.  You can rest assured that any document I notarized is backed by this protection.

And if you're not aware, it is my job as a Notary to keep your documents safeguarded at all times.  It is imperative that I maintain a journal with signatures and thumb prints of all parties signing a document.

Finally, Robert Pryor Mobile Notary Public offers document laser printing and E-fax/e-docs sending. 

When you don't want to hassle with driving all over greater LA, call Robert Pryor Mobile Notary Public, your onsite notary specialist.

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